Death to Forums:(

I really miss the days before Facebook. It wasn't too long ago where the car enthusiast community would socialize on forums. My driving years began on the 3000gt community 3si.org. It stood for "3000gt Stealth International". I created by first account back in May 2003. I was 18 years old and had recently purchased by first 1993 Mitsubishi 3000gt. I knew absolutely nothing about the car. 3si changed all of that.

I grew up on a Dairy farm in Northern VT. It was a rural area with dirt roads and dial-up internet. Despite the slow internet, I'd dial in every night I'd be on the forums before bed. I'd catch up on new products, modifications, how-to's, reviews etc.. Pretty much any problem I had with my car I could get help with on the forums. The majority of the time there was already a thread on the same problem. The forum had dozens of vendors. I was involved in a few group buys to get some discounts on parts (downpipe and new seat skin covers). There was even a general automotive chat section and the green door. The green door was a private area for paid forum members.

As time went on I ended up joining a few more forums. I got a 2.5RS coupe for a winter car and ended up joining rs25.com. I had a whole other community to get to know. While in college someone showed me vtrides.com It was a Vermont based car forum. I joined that too. Soon I started attending car meets, going bowling, cruises, seeing movies, parking lot "snow drifting" and gaining some good friends I still have to this day.

Sadly a lot has changed since then. Facebook came out in 2004. It didn't have an immediate impact on forums. But a few years into it as smart phones became more common, and Facebook gained momentum as a phone app; forum usage has been on a steady decline. Facebook releasing "Pages" didn't help either.

The thing that drives me nuts about Facebook pages is lack of organization. There's one single Page that people post to. The same questions get asked over and over again. The same pictures (Front End Friday, Side Shot Sunday etc...) get posted over and over again. The same "OMG guys I was in AutoZone and saw a picture of a 3000gt on this primer can!" gets posted every other week.

Anything that gets posted on a Facebook page gets lost fairly quick. Give it a day or two and it will be nearly impossible to scroll and find a recent post. Try to find something that was posted months ago; forget about it. Some pages do have the "Search" box but I find it useless. I almost think Facebook limits the timeframe on how far back the search box searches.

I like forums because they can be organized really well. Different topics can easily be separated. You can have a section for classifieds, build threads, general chat, wiring, etc.. Not only can you search the whole forum, but you can also search an individual section. In addition to using the forum's search engine, you can plug Google into it and search via Google. It's really easy to find valuable information posted years ago. Also members get rated. They can be thanked for posts, or receive feedback for selling.

I know Facebook will probably never go away. I still use it. I get added to a ton of pages. I rarely check them though unless it's a classified page and I'm interested in buying something. Normally the first thing I do is turn off Notifications. I wish though that we could find a better way to bring forums back to life where they could co-exist better with Social Media. Maybe some kind of account linkage that could a link any forum user to a social media account. Then there could be some kind of front end where the forum could be accessed right from Facebook. If you've never accessed that forum before an account would be created on-the-fly. Yes you could argue that Facebook could just come out with their own style of forums instead of trying to tie into what is already there. But think of all the data contained in the millions of forums already out there. Letting that data go to waste and be loss forever would be a giant step backwards.

I'll leave this article at this. Here's a list of all the threads posted in 3si for a random week back in 2003 compared to the list of threads posted in the same forum last week. (13 years later). Back in 2003 we had 228 threads "trending". Last week we have 83. That's a 63% reduction. I'm seeing similar results for all the forums. I remember being able to click the "Newest Posts" button at the top and having to click through pages of posts. Now on some forums I can visit once a week, click "Newest Posts" and be lucky to see 4-5 new threads.

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