Adding a badge to the center console of a gc8

When building a car, there comes a time when you run out of things to do. I'm very much approaching that with my 2.5RS. I've always thought the little dash plaques that some of the Limited JDM Subarus and 22Bs came with were really cool. I know my Subaru is technically not a serial numbered car, but to me its a 1 of 1. And by doing this project, it gave me one more thing to do to my car.

I found a company from the UK that makes replica badges. Zen Graphics sells this Limited Badge for around $25 USD: https://shop.zengraphics.co.uk/impreza-sti-version-6-type-r-wrc-limited-edition-centre-console-adhesive-badg They let you choose a serial number, so I chose 802 which is the Vermont area code.

It arrived in a few weeks and I developed a 3D printed a bezel for it. Building the shape in TinkerCad was very simple to do, but it took about 9 tweaks until I got the dimensions perfect. Once I was happy with it, I hand sanded the ABS plastic and gave it a light coat with some Rustoleum trim paint. The badge has an adhesive backing that sticks it to my bezel. Then I used some very thin double sided tape to secure it to my console.

I also tossed together a quick video if you'd like to see more angles of it.

As of right now, I do not plan on selling these (I'm having enough trouble keeping up with my Key Cover orders. Maybe in the future I could). Unlike my Cabin Filter Bracket and STI Key Covers, I really do not have a lot of time into this. So I'm going to contribute to the community and share my design file below.

Also I know some other companies also make replica badges. I can't guarantee my bezel will fit their products. Finally not every 3D printer is created equally. Meaning if you 3D printed a 10mm cube, you may measure the printed object and find that the side is actually 9.89mm or 10.09mm wide. If it is too tight for the decal you may need to stretch the .STL file a little and print another one.