3000GT Targa Conversion

This is not a conversion that I did. However I purchased a 3000gt that had this conversion done. The 3000gt was in rough shape (rusty underneath, no motor, had been rear ended hard) so I ended up parting it out. However since the targa conversion was so unique I decided to take a lot of pictures and document what had been done really well. I ended up cutting off the entire top section of the car and selling it as a targa conversion package to a guy in Mass. He'll be putting it on his track car along with a full cage setup.

What exactly is it?

A long time ago a member of 3si.org forum discovered that by utilizing Spyder hard top components you could cleverly create a hard top out of a 3000gt. DustinP was the name of the username of this 3si member. He was able to acquire 2 wrecked Spyders. He pulled off what he needed from one of the tops and converted his personal 3000gt into a targa. Then he tore the roof apart on the other Spyder and made a targa conversion kit that he sold for $4000. I believe the car I acquired was owned by the guy who bought his extra kit. Here are DustinP's old threads discussing the conversion:



Here is a pic of DustinP's old car. Pictures of the targa converted car I acquired are further down.

How Many Targa tops are out there?

There are only a few. There was this one that I parted. DustinP's original car is now owned by a member on 3si called 91red_stealth and it's still around. Mitsubishi's concept car that later became the released 3000gt was initially called the HSX and had a targa top in it's original design. I'm not sure how many concept cars were made and/or where they are. But they would have the targa. Jackie Chan even drove one in an old movie. There is another 3s member who also attempted making a targa without using Spyder parts and gave up when it came to trying to seal the roof.

How was this conversion originally done?

This list should give you a general idea of what was initially involved in this swap. I also have a Youtube Video below it which describes it further.

What did I sell in my targa package?

Basically I cut everything off my targa converted shell so that it could be applied to a cleaner rust free shell. This was a proven solution that had been on the road for 10+ years.