I needed some benches in my new shop. A lot of the ones box office stores sell are not sturdy enough for me. The heavier duty steel ones that are sturdy enough are too expensive, especially when I need three of them. So this is what I came up with. I made a YouTube video that I'll include below that has measurements and supplies. They are really sturdy and give me some storage space underneath for tools/spare parts. I have a similar one in my front garage and I've stored 2 3000gt vr4 transmissions (156 pounds each) on the lower shelf for a few years.

For the woodshop I modified the lower shelf so that it sits right on the ground. My woodshop is up stairs and I figure this will help distribute the weight better than just having 4 legs. I centered the shelf too as the table will sit in the middle of the room. I didn't use plywood on the top. With woodworking I wanted a sturdy edge that stuck out so that I can use it for clamping things. I used four 2x12's for this. I haven't screwed them down yet as I want to run them through the planer first.