Phone Apps

I don't do as much automotive work in the winter as it's cold out in Vermont. Seeing as I went to Vermont Tech for Computer Engineering, I like to do some computer related stuff. I really enjoyed programming in school. I read through some tutorials online and started with Android Studio. Within a weekend I had created my first card counting app. My friend Adam got involved and spruced it up some. We released it on the Google Play store as CardTally. Since then we worked together and currently have 2 apps on the market.


CardTally is an app for practicing card counting. It uses the Red Seven method. You can control the speed the cards are dealt, and how many are dealt at a time. You can just set it, sit back and count in your head. Click Pause at any time to see how you are are doing.

Check it out on Google Play


TrumpIt is definitely the biggest "for fun" app I've ever been involved in. It's a photo scavenger hunt for your friends. Think of a list you want your friends to find. Post it in the app so your friends can see it. When they send you pictures you get to rate them. For each item on your list you can only have one winner. If a better picture comes in you can knock the current leader out of first place. This is where the app gets it's name.

Check it out on Google Play