Poker Table

The house I purchased has a nice sun room in between the house and garage. For about 4 years I used it as storage. I decided to turn it into a lounge room. I wish I could take credit for the table design. It was designed by a guy named Ryan and he was nice enough to post some really good instructions online: http://www.rtaphotography.com/poker/ If you click the link, I followed the instructions he used for his fourth table.

The wood I used came from Lowes. I had about $200 in materials. The plywood sheet was about $40, and I purchased their Grade A select pine wood. The varnish used is called "IPS Switch". I had to purchase a router bit set and a biscuit cutter for the job, but I love buying tools so that wasn't a problem:)

After the table I figured I needed a bar. The frame is made out of 2x4. The trim work is more Grade A select pine from Lowes. The actual sides are a 3/16" thick pine paneling that Lowes sells. The top wood slabs are something my Grandfather had laying around in his wood pile.

I needed a place to store my kayak too, so I figured why not above the bar. The kayak itself is almost 17.5' long. The wall was just wide enough. I was going to build the mounting system, but Amazon sold something that did the trick. While I was at it I bought a Futon, and made a giant Jinga set. I found some good cushioned chairs from Costco for $15 each. I had some left over wood, so I made a shelf to go behind the bar and a shot glass holder. I have a little mini fridge now too.