As of 8/1/2020 I am parting out the original 6G74 3.5L twin turbo stealth that John Monnin built. He sold the car back in 2007 to his friend Jon (same name different spelling:) ). Jon moved to Vermont near me and used the stealth as his year round DD. Unfortunately the salt and snow took its toll on the body and it was too rough to save. I purchased it from Jon last week. We took it for one last spin up the road then I drove it on the trailer and brought it home.

Before the teardown

Pics of car before the teardown

Here is a video walk around where I also show the motor running

Parts Available For Sale

Car has been scrapped. If it's not listed below, its not for sale. All parts are located in Milton, VT. If I list something as pickup only that means I will not ship it so please don't ask. Prices don't include shipping.


This is a bolt in roll bar that fits a 3000gt/stealth. The front mounts require drilling/bolting through the floorboard behind the seats. The rear mounts go through your speaker openings and require drilling/bolting into the wheel wells area. There is supposed to be a backer plate for each mount with 4 holes in it. I do not have these plates but they could easily be made. You will also need to purchase 16 grade 8 bolt/nuts. New they were over $700 (see link below which also has some installed pics). Asking $300 obo picked up

NA Power Steering Reservoirs

Good for turbo cars when you do the AWS delete. I run one in both of mine. Nothing special. - $25 each + shipping

Rear Stealth Spoiler

It's in good shape for its age. Some moisture in or behind the 3rd brake light. - $20 pickup only. May consider shipping if I found a box and you paid a little more.

Front Turn Signals - (Pending Local Sale to Ralph)

Pulled from the 92 stealth. They are not mint, but not awful either. Some scuffs on them but I think they could be cleaned up with a 3m plastic polish kit. The amber parts have some hairline crazing in spots if you look close at the right angle. See pics. - $75 + shipping

4 forged pistons

Unsure of the brand, maybe someone can tell by pics. Also not sure if anyone could use these. They were in one of Jons early track motors and he bent the rod. Same motor that damaged the SCE oil pan. 4 Pistons are still good. Not sure if you could get 2 more, use them in something else, or use them in conjunction with other parts to make a cool coffee table. Make an offer

OEM timing belt, New

The part# on the bag differs from the part# on the belt. Both show for a 3000gt when googling them. I found this ebay link where someone else is reselling one and they mention the same thing. (ebay link) - $30 + shipping

Skillard Front Splitter for 1g Stealth (PICKUP ONLY>

This is powdercoated. I think he sold unfinished ones for around $200. Pickup only. - $50

CCW Classic Wheels

These came off Jons track 3s. They are 17x10 5x114.3 CCW Classic Wheels with +53mm offset (180mm backspacing). I believe he used some kind of spacer with them but I'm not sure what size. They have the "swiss faced option" on them which means there are extra holes between the studs and face bolts to make them lighter. Tires are Toyo Proxies R888 275/40/18. New this wheel/tire package was around $4500. Asking $2000 picked up. Willing to ship but expect it to be somewhere between $150-300 depending on where you are in US.