3000GT VR-4

Ever since I was a kid my dream car was a 3000GT VR-4. I've had a few of them for a while, but this is the only one I currently own. I bought it in 2008 with 38,900 miles on it. I flew out to San Diego and drove it back home to VT. It was completely stock when I purchased it (well aside from the Evo rims). Since then I've done quite a bit of stuff to it. I do all the work myself, including tuning it. I ran 11.5 @ 126mph this summer with a 1.89 60'

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In 2020 I decied to do some serious work to my vr4. Sometimes at the track I wouldn't be able to shift it into 2nd. My rear pinion had a lot of play in it and leaked. And I had a lot of parts sitting on the shelf that I was waiting to put on. So I decided to remove the entire drivetrain and take care of everything.

Here's a list of everything I took care of

The transmission was by far the most expensive thing in the list, but I figured I might as well do it right. I did send Chris one of my spare transmissions (I had 3 extra 6 speeds sitting here) to help offset some costs. While the engine was apart I cleaned up everything. Every bracket was cleaned and painted. I re-polished my plenum and all my piping. I went back to my stock gutted o2 housings. I had DNP o2 housings prior but I never really saw a noticable gain with them. Plus I like the clean look of OEM heat shields which was not an option when using the DNP pipes. I modified a DSM valve stem tool to make doing the VSS easy. I also degree'd my cams properly and I shimmed my oil pressure relieve valve with a single stainless washer.

Here is a picture of how my engine bay looks now. It looks perfect. I only got to drive the car once last fall. The COP kit gave me some electrical trouble with the MFI system. It's all taken care of now. I'm going to create a blog entry about it. If you go with the kit, I'd recommend hotwiring the coils.